Soule Team: Wayne Gallagher, Gar Kavanagh, and Keith Walsh

I am sure you all heard of these boys. They have volunteered to join our mission and the Soule Team. Please Welcome them a BOARD!

Wayne Gallagher is a “legendary” Irish/EU Pro skater that keeps rolling. He is also the owner of BoarderCo, a true Irish skateboard company since 1999. Check out our interview with him if you want to be inspired! Read Now.

Gar Kavanagh just loves to skate and he’s not that bad:) The boy admits that he’s not the best but we think he has the BIGGEST Heart when it comes to skating and chill-axing with his mates and others. His interview is HERE so you can learn more about him. Also, follow him on Instagram (@garkav) to see what he is up to, either on a skateboard or out and about being himself!! See his Soule NOW.

Keith Walsh is the “future” of skateboarding. He may be Irishly grown (not a real word but sounds COOL) but he’s going to make a name for himself GLOBALLY. The boy’s been around and now he’s representing AJ Soule! He’s got lots of LOVE for the sport and his friends. Aka:”The Ripper,” KW is going to prove he is as good as any skater out there. AJ Soule actually knows he is “That GOOD!” We just have to show the world. KW is Irishly Grown, Internationally Known! Read his interview with AJ Soule (click here) and keep an eye out for his part in Red Bulls video, coming Dec. 2013.

UPDATE: James Jack is now part of the Soule Team

Bio: My name is James Jack, I am 15 years old and live in Dublin. I first started skating when I was about 10 because a friend gave me a shot of his board. I thought it was so cool that I got one the month after. My hobbies are mainly skating and filming. My sponsors right now are G1 Skate Supply and AJ Soule.

Keep track of his Soule @jamesjack.

UPDATE #2: Welcome Renan Marks

Please Welcome Renan Marks to the Soule Team. His Bio/interview is coming soon. For now, click on the video link in the slider above to see what this guy can do. Also, follow him on instagram @reemarks.

UPDATE #3: Welcome Joe Hill and Oscar Iriarte

Joe Hill and Oscar Iriarte has joined the Soule Team. You can read about Joe Hill pretty much everywhere online so we won’t bored you with the same thing. Joe Hill represent us in Germany (Europe since he loves to travel.) Oscar Iriarte will be handling SouleCal, USA! Please follow them as they take you into their skatelife on and off their boards, @joeskillzz and @oscaririarte.

A quick bio of Oscar Iriarte is here.

UPDATE #4: Hudson Da Paz: Brazil has SOULE

A BIG Welcome to Hudson Da Paz to the Soule Team. Renan Marks and Hudson Da Paz will be repping AJ Soule in Brazil. We are super excited to have these two aboard. Please click here to see Hudson’s Welcome video.  

UPDATE #5: Jacob Tanzer and Beto Vasquez

These two young guns are repping SouleCal. Jacob Tanzer is 19 years old and is living in Chino, CA. Beto Vasquez is almost 16 years old and is representing 818Valley in CA. Follow their instalife @jacobtarzan and @betothe13th.  

UPDATE #6: Fabiano Raio and Colton Woods

These two guys are repping SouleCal in different location, Brazil and Utah, CA.

Fabiano Raio is a long time skate buddy of Hudson and Renan and is living in Brazil. AJ Soule have an amazing team out there!

Colton Woods is repping AJ Soule in South Weber, Utah. He loves to skate pools, bowls, and vert. Follow his instalife @coltskates.  

Skateboard- How it’s made

Have you ever wonder when skateboards were invented? Or how they are made? Now you don’t have to. The voice is a bit boring but very informative.

  Soule Team: Calling all those that want to be part of something BIG!

Are you a Pro? No, it’s cool.

Are you an AM? No, it’s cool.

Are you skating because you just LOVE skating? Definitely COOL!

No matter who you are. If you have what it takes to represent the sport and our mission in your local area, Get n Board the Soule Train!  Send us your video clips or photos and we can put it up on our webpage for you.  Want to give a shout out, put it on your email to us.  Each month, the most viewed video for that month will “WIN FREE SHOES, TEES, and/or HOODIES.”

Email us at Welcome on Board!

AJ Soule Train

I Skate 4 Fun!

Skateboarding looks hard because it is! Anybody who skates that says they don’t fall down or have to do the trick several times before they land it, is either lying or dreaming!! This footage is RAW + Music = Fun clip.  For the love of the sport! Enjoy.

MK All Day 2
courtesy of Stephen Mcguane

A shout out to Jamie Fairbrother, a ripper in Limerick City, Ireland.

BoarderCo GarCo

This guy has loads of LOVE! Time for us to give a shout out to Gar Kavanagh (yes we know your last name!!)

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